Age of Chaos is a text-based MUD(Multi-User-Dungeon). Inspired by Wheel of Time, Death Cycle, and other fantasy novels, we have created a very unique world to explore.

A total of 2776484 people have connected since May 12, 1997

Use our custom mud client, AoC Client to connect and start your adventure! or point your favorite mud client to:

telnet://play.aocmud.com 4000


Extended Races, Classes, And Sub-Races

  • 14 available classes: Countless combinations for both hardcore PvP players and dedicated PvE players.
  • 8 Races for new characters: Expand your gameplay with 16 ancient races available as you progress.

Huge World (22,000+ rooms)

World has zones based on WoT and original zones. The Labyrinth is the vicious path to become an Ancient Race and has a total of thirteen gates.

Wheel of Time based Clans

Detailed Character Creation

Player Crafting System (2 Tiers currently)

Mud is fully operational

  • Generally Adult-Oriented. Roleplaying is encouraged.
  • Newbie friendly. Quests Available.
  • Character Approval Unnecessary. Supports ANSI Color.

Equipment System

Over 17 slots for equipment to be tweaked or enhanced with Heartstones. Equipment saved on renting.

PvP Zones & Clanwars

Battle it out with other players in multiple arenas, Warzone, Holy Warzone, Death Arena. We also host Clanwars, Juggernaut matches, and Last Man Standing tournaments.


Drawing inspiration from beloved fantasy epics such as 'Wheel of Time', 'Death Cycle', 'Lord of the Rings', and many others, the Labyrinth presents a world woven with mystery and ancient magic. At the heart of this realm lies the Labyrinth, an enigmatic and age-old construct that surfaced during the cataclysmic events that shattered the Tel’aran’rhiod. Its origins and initial purpose are shrouded in mystery. Yet, it is universally acknowledged that the Labyrinth serves as a crucible for the brave. Adventurers daring enough to navigate through its thirteen formidable gates are forever changed, emerging as members of the Ancient Races, their very beings infused with the Labyrinth's profound, arcane energies. In this journey of transformation and discovery, heroes are not just born; they are made and remade by the Labyrinth's inscrutable powers



"I’d like to start this with the fact that Age of Chaos is both for the new mudder and old, but only if you like a challenge. The mud itself is helpful and friendly, many of the heroes who’ve topped out their characters levels routinely tank and hit for experience groups as well as lead.

That’s the thing that’s really hooked me on Age of Chaos, the real sense of community among the players. I took a many year break from playing while in the military, and when I came back, friendly people were still here and willing to help.

Our weaves system is unique and allows unprecedented amounts of customization for various playing styles. All in all, I think this mud has everything for the intelligent and discerning player looking for a good mud to call home."

Hryluk Torhen November 14, 2004