What is known of the Breaking is that a weave of powerful balefire somehow merged with the fabric of the barrier between the Dreamworld and the waking world and ripped it apart. The result of this event was the destruction of much of New Manetheren and seemingly the Dragon Reborn and the incarnation of the Dark One. Creatures who once dwelled in the Tel’aran’rhiod (the elves and dwarves most notably) were expelled into this world, including ta’varen and legendary individuals whose memory had never faded from the minds of the people. Pedron Niall, long dead, was returned to the world, as were the Forsaken and many others. The Portal Stones, whose secrets the Seanchan only grasped some knowledge of, were broken by the ruin as well, and many ceased functioning, pulled in large amounts of territory from other worlds, caused surrounding areas to vanish into other planes, or remained as open gateways to these neighboring worlds. The Portal Stones drew in entire cities of strange races, such as the minotaurs, who became forever a part of the world. Finally, the disruption of the natural structure of the world caused magical energy to flood the world, and many were gifted with the ability to channel this magic – far more than ever had been.



The destruction of the Dreamworld also brought into this world strange beings of immeasurable power who had existed in the Dreamworld for endless ages. These beings soon gathered worshippers from the confused masses and declared themselves the elder gods of the world. Soon they discovered a great tower which stood in the center of a fragment of the Dreamworld which managed to not be destroyed. The elder lords realized the immense spiritual power the tower could bring to them, as it reconnected them with the world of dreams and all the energies of that place. The lords began to fight over the tower, sending their worshippers to capture it in their name and battling each other directly. Soon many gods were destroyed by other lords, or vanished into mist as they failed to hold onto enough spiritual power. Eventually all of the elder lords were killed or disappeared, though new Lords of Darkness and Lords of Light came to the world by various means to take their place. To this day, the Lords still strive to capture the power of the tower.


The time of turmoil slowly became a return to relative peace as the new races of the world found their place. Great wars were common between the residents both old and new of the world, but stability slowly returned. Many centuries have passed since the Breaking, and the world as it exists in this Age of Chaos shall remain until the beginning of another. Great strife may exist – between the Light and the Shadow, between warring nations, between feuding clans – but for the time being – let the Lords of Chaos rule. ++ Nirfin, Historian of New Manetheren ++