The Age of Chaos Mobprog Tutorial




This web site is devoted to helping those who wish to use mobprogs in their construction of zones for the Age of Chaos mud. Mobprogs are basically a way to give mobs a degree of intelligence, allowing them to do almost anything that you would want them to do. The initial document that outlined the usage of mobprogs (which can be found on the AoC main web site) is somewhat cryptic to those unfamiliar with it. The purpose of this site is to hopefully provide a clearer understanding of how mobprogs work, so builders can use the system to its fullest capability.


That being said, feel free to browse around for whatever you are looking for, whether it is how to use a specific function, or just figuring out how to get started with all of this. Contact for questions and comments.


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Original mobprog design was designed (at least to my knowledge) by Kahn, Moonchilde, and N’atas-ha for various other MUD's. The current version that is used on Age of Chaos was implemented and restructured by Vechelle. Thanks also to Talen and Cadrach, who have over the years helped me figure out how this stuff really works and altered/repaired stuff at my whim, and to Meldron who has worked with mobprogs a significant amount and convinced the coders to make some really nice mobprog stuff for us.



5 May 05


-          Added entries for mpechoworld and mpechozone mobprog commands.

-          Added entries for mpforce followersof and mpsetvar –delete special options/commands in mobprog commands.

-          Added entries for idnum and transformed functions.

-          Added information on deleting variables and creating dynamic variable names to the Fun With Variables page.


8 Sep 04


-          Added entries for command_prog, load_prog, exit_prog, and special_prog mobprog triggers

-          Added entries for mppunt, mpunaffect, mpslay, mpechonpc, mpechonpczone, mpdamage, and mpaddclanrank mobprog commands

-          Added entries for atoi, log, inclan, isclanleader, isclanenemy, isclanally, groupgrep, MakeFirstLetterUpper, objcost, time, strcat, strrem, and clanrank functions

-          Added additional information about mpset regarding permanent affects

-          Reworked complex mobprogs tutorial page to include info on regular expressions, strcat, nested progs, and subroutines.

-          Reworked variables tutorial to include information about new syntaxes, strcat, stored variables, and shared variables

-          Various changes to information making use of new mobprogs for more efficient examples and processes

-          Various cosmetic changes to pages I felt looked particularly fugly

-          Added internal referencing and indexes for triggers, commands, character variables, and functions

-          Added this keen updates log! Woo!