Reforging Heartstones!

294. Wed Sep 08 2021 08:50 (Teepee) :: Reforging Heartstones!

Talem the Wizard in New Manetheren will reforge heartstones for you! It comes with a cost though. Seek him out to see about reforging. Great care has been taken to weed out potential abuses of this new system, but if you do find something I missed let me know immediately so that it can be corrected. Due to the nature of this feature, anyone I find abusing this system will be dealt with harshly. I hope it doesn't come to that though.

Spooky Happenings

293. Sun Aug 29 2021 07:57 (Teepee) :: Spooky Happenings

Situated between the Great North Road of Ebou Dar and the Mountains
of Mist, there is an old manor. The path leading to the manor is
horribly overgrown, and a chilling wind whispers words of warning to
those who venture too close. Sometimes, piercing screams can be heard
echoing throughout the area. Travelers seeking shelter within the
manor have never been seen again.

Macabre Manor - Zone 396

Some Updates

292. Tue Aug 24 2021 05:50 (Lefty) :: Some Updates

1) Bard Lullaby duration extended by 1 tick for 150+ pspirit
2) Trans quests should now be fixed!
3) Immortals have been given the ability to attach/unattach tattoos. So in case you were denied help before, you can bug them now :D

Monks and Fixes

291. Fri Aug 13 2021 06:03 (Teepee) :: Monks and Fixes

o Monk tattoos have been updated to better compete with
gear that can tweak and be heartstoned. See the help
files of the specific monk seasons for details.
o Winter monks have gotten a unique new affect on their
head tattoo!
o In addition to the tattoo changes, Summer Monks now
have war chant and receive the full bonus to fists
of fury. Previously they only got 1 to DDiceSize,
now it's 2.
o Fists of Fury has been buffed by a small amount.
Previously, 10 hit and 6 handdam was the max. Now
it is 15 to hitroll and 10 handdam.

o Lord Ba'althar in Holy Temple was doing a bit too
much damage. Whoops. His damage is now as intended.
o A loving couple in Leuvenheim can now properly get
engaged, and you can kill them and get the item
if you so desire.

Appended -- Fri Aug 13 2021 08:32
The help file listing spring monk tattoos incorrectly states that the head tattoo

gives +5 PEarth. This is actually +15. The help file will be updated to reflect this soon.


290. Tue Jul 27 2021 01:00 (Vert) :: Multi-playing

Multi-playing is back for now. This means you can have two people logged in at once. Rules:
You group with you alt on xp runs, to include other players.
You can pop with your alt.
You can leave you alt idle in town for spells ups or heals for yourself.
You can have both alts clanned, but only one can clanlead
You can have more alts hop on for a specific function but only two
can be logged in at a time
You may NOT bring both alts in any pvp
You may not use your idling spell bot to buff for pvp

Abuse of this will be met with the lowest level of force possible
because we have 3 active imms who will monitor this for fairness.

You son of a bitch. I'm in.

289. Tue Jul 27 2021 00:54 (Vert) :: You son of a bitch. I'm in.

Your specific skills are required for a job. I'm placing a bounty on bringing anyone back. 1 million gold and 200k qps per person.
If two people bring each other back you can claim each other. If you bring yourself back....sure why not!
Look, don't think about this one too hard. The spirit of the exercise will be rewarded and any attempt at abuse will be pretty
easily recognized. So, let's keep this one light and fun.

The One About Your Items

292. Thu Apr 22 2021 18:15 (Teepee) :: The One About Your Items

As many of you know several player files got corrupted recently due to some
MUD issues. There were 65 player files in total. As a result, all of those files had
to have the corrupted objects deleted from their character. I am in the process of
restoring the corrupted files, but it will take a little time due to the volume of
files and items. Currently, about 25% have been restored. I am aiming to try and
have that up to 100% by the end of the month.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Appended -- Thu Apr 22 2021 18:15
Update on the kit restorations:

After spending about 50 hours or so on it, it's done!
All kits that were deleted from this issue have been restored.
If you were one of the players that Lefty listed, and you fill like there is
something missing, or that you were missed let me know, and I'll check.

Easter Event

291. Wed Mar 24 2021 21:39 (Teepee) :: Easter Event

The Easter Bunny will be stopping by, and will be visiting us from March 31st
until April 3rd. The Easter Bunny will have a special place in town when it
arrives. While the Easter Bunny is here, there will be a Great Egg Hunt! Many
colorful dyed eggs will be hidden around the realm. Upon finding eggs, be sure
to turn them in to the Easter Bunny. Each egg turned in will net you a small
quest point reward. When the event is over, all remaining eggs will be wiped
clean, so be sure to turn them in as you go. I hope you all have a Happy


290. Thu Feb 11 2021 01:57 (Lefty) :: Crafting

All crafting resources will weigh the same now instead of some being light and some super heavy. It might not make as much sense for
roleplaying, but it should be more practical for game play purposes. Enjoy!

Warrior Updates!

289. Tue Feb 09 2021 07:30 (Lefty) :: Warrior Updates!

1) The reducts avoided by Armor Penetration now scale with elements to a maximum of 75% instead of being a straight 50%
2) Conditioning 1 and 2 are now pwater only, and have been buffed slightly
3) Instead of reflecting an attack, Riposte now grants extra APR to the warrior based on elements. This will provide
chances for things like weapon crackles and dragons breath to fire, and also combo with Armor Penetration to be
extra brutal!

Valentine's Day

288. Fri Feb 05 2021 04:01 (Teepee) :: Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I'm going to run a special event quest on Saturday
the 13th at 3:00 p.m. Central Time (21:00 UTC/MudTime). The quest will
have some decent rewards, and should be pretty fun. If you have any questions
feel free to reach out.


287. Tue Jan 26 2021 03:37 (Lefty) :: Fixes

1) Lulluby odds in PVP have been increased (though still lower than before the last change)
2) Max duration of still in PVP has been reduced to 5 ticks (PVE unchanged)


286. Sat Jan 23 2021 05:28 (Lefty) :: Updates!

1) PVE kills are now recorded as: level 1-10, 11-23, 24-30, 31+ to help track HS odds better.
Note that the old counts are still included so the PVE board will be off until next reset,
but since the 31+ group was not changed, actual PVE rank is not affected.
2) Room effects such as Wall of Thorns no longer receive damage bonus from wisdom
3) HS odds have been increased for solo, group and crafting
4) Reduced odds of lullaby landing in PVP only (PVE unchanged)
5) Chamber of Past Memories has received an overhaul with new pelt items, new cipher mobs and all gear has
been updated within the zone. Additionally, the mobs have been enhanced to be in line with the new gear there.

Patrons and Items!

299. Sat Jan 09 2021 06:08 (Lefty) :: Patrons and Items!

1) New patrons! Oscanius has replaced Behring as the new Lord of Diligence. Teepee has also been added as a brand new type of
patron. Since he is totally Apathetic about who follows him and what his followers do in their spare time, he can have both
Chaos and Order followers! You choose your path at char creation which determines your align, but then both Chaos and Order
can talk over psay and fight together in HWZ to become champion of Apathy! Also, the forces of Nature are notoriously neutral
in the matters of order vs chaos. Therefore, Lefty can now also be followed by either align (replacing Sunzuu for Chaos)

2) New items! Spell potency was kind of thrown into the game replacing Age but some of the resulting equipment didn't make
sense and there were gaps in available stats. To help remedy this situation we have introduced many new items with potency
(and a few other cool items) into the game! Some mobs have been buffed to protect their new eq. Items have been added to
zones and mobs that aren't frequently done so make sure to look in unexpected places. We will be releasing a few hints in
coming days to help your search. Happy hunting!