Patrons and Items!

299. Sat Jan 09 2021 06:08 (Lefty) :: Patrons and Items!

1) New patrons! Oscanius has replaced Behring as the new Lord of Diligence. Teepee has also been added as a brand new type of
patron. Since he is totally Apathetic about who follows him and what his followers do in their spare time, he can have both
Chaos and Order followers! You choose your path at char creation which determines your align, but then both Chaos and Order
can talk over psay and fight together in HWZ to become champion of Apathy! Also, the forces of Nature are notoriously neutral
in the matters of order vs chaos. Therefore, Lefty can now also be followed by either align (replacing Sunzuu for Chaos)

2) New items! Spell potency was kind of thrown into the game replacing Age but some of the resulting equipment didn't make
sense and there were gaps in available stats. To help remedy this situation we have introduced many new items with potency
(and a few other cool items) into the game! Some mobs have been buffed to protect their new eq. Items have been added to
zones and mobs that aren't frequently done so make sure to look in unexpected places. We will be releasing a few hints in
coming days to help your search. Happy hunting!


298. Mon Dec 21 2020 04:21 (Lefty) :: Updates!

1) You can now use heartstones on regular tweaks and relics.
2) New chaos tweaks no longer have a relic flag so we can treat them differently from relics (such as not allowing heartstones)
3) Psalm of Aptitude now also grants regen like Melody
4) In the same way sharp wits boosts spell damage and reduces mana vs mobs, it now also boosts bard song vs mobs
5) lightning bow now crackles lightning bolt
6) charms and summoned mobs will no longer scavange
7) summons from howl got a small boost to APR

Christmas Event Part 2

297. Thu Dec 17 2020 01:15 (Teepee) :: Christmas Event Part 2

This Sunday at 21:00 UTC (1:00/3:00/4:00 p.m. Pacific, Central and Eastern)
the second part of the Christmas Event will kick off. Band together to fight
the Grinch, or choose to be the Grinch yourself. This is just a friendly and fun
little pvp event for everyone to kick back, relax, and have some fun. All who
participate will be rewarded for joining in the festivities.

Santa will also be making a return this year, but things will be a little different
than previous years. For Christmas gifts please send a mudmail to Santa
stating which item you would like to receive. Items should be normal loading items,
but they will come with some nice bonuses. These special event items like others
will have a limited duration on them so make sure you choose an item that
you really want to see go crazy!

Additionally, the global XP modifier will be increased starting this Sunday and will
last until after New Years day, so if you've been eyeing a new alt to level up
be sure to take advantage if you have the time!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Appended -- Thu Dec 17 2020 01:31
This Sunday as in 20-12-2020 for date

Appended -- Thu Dec 17 2020 03:42
Santa wanted me to make sure to mention that your list is due before the new year!

Tweaks Galore!

293. Fri Dec 11 2020 06:16 (Lefty) :: Tweaks Galore!

1) Fixed a bug with still weapons not working when you don't have enough elements for the spell
2) Fixed a bug where shocking grasp was based on mfire instead of mair
2) Several changes have been made to encourage players to branch out from focusing entirely on EQOTW:

Chances of regular tweaks has been increased. Tweak and Heartstone stat ranges have been increased a bit.

Also if an item fails to tweak there is now an additional (smaller) roll to determine if you get a CHAOS TWEAK!

Chaos tweaks are never bad (twaks) and have a MUCH greater range which can result in some wild items! Due to their unstable
power they will unfortunately degenerate over time. Additionally, EQOTW will now also degenerate.

HOWEVER do not despair for we are also introducing the ability to REPAIR both EQOTW and Chaos tweaks! There will eventually be a
mob that will perform this task but in the mean time please ask a lord/lady. The cost will be 1k QP for each day you want to add.

This repair cost may be adjusted in the future as we monitor power creep and other activities on the MUD.

Christmas Story Contest

292. Sun Nov 29 2020 20:29 (Teepee) :: Christmas Story Contest

To kick off the Holiday's there will be a short story contest! For those who
wish to participate your objective is to write a short Christmas Story
and have it relate to the MUD. It can be a made up story about
adventures from you as a player, a Christmas story about beings
that exist within the game or even about ones that don't, but would
fit the narrative of your story. These are just a few possibilities, but there
are many different creative possibilities you could come up with.

- Stories must be related to the MUD in some way.
- While there is no maximum length, minimum length is 200 words.
- Stories should be submitted via mudmail, or if you'd like to submit
via email that can be arranged, just reach out to me and let me know.
- Deadline for submission is December 14th.
- There is a one day grace period for submissions to account for time
zones after which no late submissions will be accepted.
- All submissions that adhere to the guidelines will be rewarded.
- The top three stories will receive the greatest prizes.
- Stories will be judged on quality and creativity.

I look forward to reading your stories, and hope this will be a fun little
event to kick things off!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me and let me know.

AK Returns

291. Sat Nov 28 2020 17:37 (Teepee) :: AK Returns

You can once again return AK's you have for 75 percent of the original value.
This only applies to the questpoints portion of the cost. In order to do this reach
out to Oscanius, myself or any other willing admin about doing so.

Mini Event Day

290. Fri Nov 20 2020 05:42 (Teepee) :: Mini Event Day

Date: Saturday November 21st
Time: 21:00 UTC/Mud Time (type date to see current time)


I'll be running a few little events for anyone who would like to join in for
some fun. The current docket includes a quest, 3 rounds of portals, and
a few specialty items with limited durability up for purchase.

Regarding the quest, if there are a lot of people we'll split of into a
couple separate groups for that part.

Hope to see you all!


Minor Changes

289. Sat Nov 14 2020 05:12 (Lefty) :: Minor Changes

1) Wolves from howl now have waterwalk
2) Just for fun, Lefty followers casting Create Animal now have a chance for a Goat instead of a Tiger (same stats)


281. Sun Oct 18 2020 06:14 (Lefty) :: Changes!

1) Decreased poison duration, and increased damage.
2) Disabled apply venom
3) New thief AK: Tumble
4) Lag on Fire skill has been reduced
5) For warriors: Ambidexterity now does full damage and allows weapon crackles (with increased crackle % based on elements)
6) New warrior AK: Armor Penetration
7) New warrior AK: Riposte
8) Weapon Mastery 3 and Condition 3 have been disabled. WM 1 & 2 and CD 1 & 2 have been buffed a bit to compensate.
9) Rescue has been disabled
10) Block chance now increases more with elements
11) Max Earthsurge healing has been decreased
12) Spell potency now also applies to staffs, wands, scrolls, wonderous items, weapon crackles, and potions.

Note: If you have any of the disabled AKs please see a lord/lady for a refund or exchange for one
of the new AKs. As usual, please report any bugs immediately. thanks!

Misc Updates

297. Wed Aug 26 2020 07:08 (Lefty) :: Misc Updates

After feedback from the clanwar we have implemented the following changes:

1) If create instrument is in use hymn now also removes blind from moonbeam, sandstorm, sunray, and hellfire
2) energy storm has been disabled. if you have this AK please see a lord/lady for a full refund.
even after the recent nerf energy storm is still far too powerful to be allowed to continue unfortunately.
we will be looking into adding a new AK for psions later.
3) fire now has the same lag as volley
4) sharp wits now also blocks sleep (both the spell and lullaby)
5) still is now only castable if you have the elements for it (sorry unravelers)
6) spell power is now viewable by players in the affects list
7) land now has a message when you fail to land
8) ventriloquate, suggestion, and detect poison have been disabled for being useless and/or annoying.
they will eventually be completely removed.
9) courage will now remove black mantle 100% of the time and mana cost has been increased a little
10) Heartstones should now properly degenerate, but their duration has been increased

As always please report any issues immediately. Thanks!

Clanwar Results

296. Wed Aug 26 2020 01:22 (Sunzuu) :: Clanwar Results

Congrats to Taardad for decisively winning clanwar with an impressive 174 kills! Asha'man came in second place with 87 kills and Seanchan
third with 55 kills!
Miggoo stood above the rest as the sole survivor in the Last Man Standing competition.
Thank you all for participating and Leya for hosting! We will have more frequent clanwars going forward!


299. Mon Aug 24 2020 22:37 (Leya) :: CLANWAR REMINDER!

Hello folks. It's that time again! Dust off those breastplates and sharpen those swords!
A clanwar will be held on Tuesday August 25th at 6pm EDT.
It will last approximately two hours and last man standing will be held afterwards.
There will be prizes and lots of fun to be had for everyone!
Which clan will be victorious? Will Taardad claim the day or will Seanchan steal the show?
We look forward to seeing everyone then!

Questpoints and Help File Fix

298. Mon Aug 24 2020 02:27 (Sunzuu) :: Questpoints and Help File Fix

-You can now purchase questpoints with gold. The exchange rate is 1000000 gold for 50000 questpoints. Please see a Lord or Lady to do so.
-Help questpoints has been updated to reflect new changes along with detect traps and teleport minor being added to quality of life spell
-Other miscellaneous help files and tips have been updated.


Weave Costs

297. Sun Aug 23 2020 00:17 (Lefty) :: Weave Costs

1) mana cost of dispel silence, calamitous, melody, requiem, and psalm have been reduced
2) dispel silence no longer costs more when silenced
3) reduced duration of all blind effects (again) and the silence spell

Mixed Trivia!!

296. Fri Aug 21 2020 13:27 (Leya) :: Mixed Trivia!!

Please join us for Trivia Sunday @ 12pm EST (16:00 Box time) Hosted by Migas and Lord Sponsored!
Win some prizes and have some fun!! Be there or be square!!


295. Thu Aug 20 2020 04:32 (Lefty) :: Fixes

1) Reduced the duration of blind from hellfire, moonbeam, sunray, sandstorm to match the blindness spell
2) blind, silence, and sleep spells are now easier to save against, so they will land less often
3) flame gloss and vorpalize can no longer be mental tapped
4) possible fix to eq not degenerating properly when it should
5) fixes and improvements to the sidhe archery bonuses. you should hopefully notice arrows landing more often, and non-rangers should no
longer get +2 arrows

Please report if you notice any issues, especially with eq degen. it will take a day or two before we can see
the effects of that change. Thanks!

Poison and Labyrinth

294. Wed Aug 19 2020 20:47 (Sunzuu) :: Poison and Labyrinth

Poison has been removed from the following Labyrinth mobs:

1) Spydreth
2) a deadly viper
3) the sandkrait
4) an ancient one

Report any issues or crashes!


293. Wed Aug 19 2020 03:52 (Lefty) :: Fixes

1) Reduced maximum to-hit chance for arrows in a volley (still higher than before the last update)
2) Plague should now no longer spread from mobs/players when it reaches 0 ticks

Spell Updates

292. Mon Aug 17 2020 06:58 (Lefty) :: Spell Updates

1) The minimum damage has been increased for the following spells:
fireball, meteor swarm, acid arrow, icelance, call lightning, soul shatter, earthquake, chill touch
2) The maximum damage has been increased for the following spells:
acid arrow, icelance, call lightning, lightning bolt, chill touch
3) Chain lightning is now available to learn on the elements system (at 50 mair). Mages also have access to it.
The mana cost and damage have been increased, and it now hits all enemies in the room (regular AOE spell)

Updates to the Updates

291. Sun Aug 16 2020 02:22 (Lefty) :: Updates to the Updates

1) Potency now only increases damage by 1.5 for each 1 point
2) Energy storm is now group friendly for walking in to the room later (it was already group friendly on initial cast)
3) Duration on Disruption has been reduced

Energy Storm

290. Sun Aug 16 2020 01:30 (Lefty) :: Energy Storm

The mana cost of energy storm has been reduced

Mega Update of Doom

289. Sun Aug 16 2020 01:08 (Lefty) :: Mega Update of Doom

1) Magic Missile has damage increased and a chance to add 10 AC (stackable to 50)
2) Phantom steeds and Zephyrs now have PFC and PFH
3) Control weather is now only single element and mana cost reduced
4) Energy Storm mana sucking has been reduced (both on initial cast and entering the room later)
5) Balefire damage has been increased
6) Evaluate has been re-enabled
7) Potency now increases spell damage by 2 for every 1 point
8) Psion unravel is no longer free
9) The mage spell Disruption is now learnable on the elements system (at 35 mspir)
10) Slow regen penalty has been increased to match Haste regen bonus
11) Slow and Haste are now double element spells instead of triple
12) Fixed a bug where you could transform without being in the same room as the statue
13) Slow now reduces the regen bonus from waking sleep
14) number of arrows in a volley now no longer receives bonus arrows from hitroll, wis, and dex.
only elements effect it (and racial bonus if applicable)
15) to-hit probability of arrows (fire and volley) is now determined by hitroll+wis+elements
instead of dex+elements (racial bonus unchanged)
16) chance to land blind and silence with the aim skill has been reduced

PVP and PVE Board Winners!

288. Sat Aug 15 2020 17:44 (Sunzuu) :: PVP and PVE Board Winners!

Season 2 of pveboard and leaderboard has ended! The winners have been finalized!
They received questpoints, a cool sirname, and a heartstone. The boards have been reset and Season 3 has officially begun!
Please congratulate the winners below when you see them!

PVP Leaderboard:
1- Gart [00485] [0347] [0995] [0019]
2- Miggoo [00325] [0228] [0693] [0002]
3- Raah [00325] [0368] [0965] [0002]

PVE Leaderboard:
1- Medad [10039] [0156] [1004] [7850] [10039]
2- Raah [07604] [1966] [5019] [29391] [7604]
3- Killian [07218] [3291] [6069] [23578] [7218]

Cuthric and Typhoon Fix

287. Fri Aug 14 2020 21:31 (Sunzuu) :: Cuthric and Typhoon Fix

-Cuthric the Barbarian is no longer able to be slept.
-The Typhoon chest armor EQ of the Week has been updated. Please see a Lord or Lady for a new, normal one. The keywords have been changed to
allow reading of mail and opening of chests while wearing it.

Mixed Trivia Night!

286. Fri Aug 07 2020 23:26 (Oscanius) :: Mixed Trivia Night!

Join us for some fun trivia on Sunday, 8/9 at 1200 pm EST. (1600 box time)
It will be mixed trivia hosted by Migas sponsored by a Lord
Be there or be square!

Dispel Magic again

285. Thu Aug 06 2020 02:36 (Lefty)           :: Dispel again

1) Dispel magic cost now scales with elements (from 1/3 max mana to 1/8 max mana) and the number of spells it removes also scales (from 2 to
2) Dispel magic now no longer prioritizes certain spells. It is completely random.

Self dispel remains unchanged except for cost for now (still removes all spells). We will see how this plays out.

Hopefully this is a good middle ground between where it was before and the last nerf :)

Forgetting AKs

284. Mon Aug 03 2020 20:00 (Sunzuu) :: Forgetting AKs

Due to the bug abuses, and direction we are going with things, forgetting AKs for a refunded amount of questpoints has been permanently
This feature will not return unless we can design a better version in the future. Thank you for understanding.

Dispel Magic etc

283. Mon Aug 03 2020 03:02 (Lefty) :: Dispel Magic etc

1) Dispel Magic now costs 1/3 of your total maximum mana to cast
2) Dispel Magic now has some lag to it, so no more spamming!
3) Killing mounts no longer generates leadrank
4) It should now be possible to defeat people in duels. No more immortal Mataklap :(

AoC Trivia Night!!

282. Sun Aug 02 2020 23:49 (Leya) :: AoC Trivia Night!!

Join us for a fun night of trivia tomorrow, (Monday 8/3) 730pm EST. (2330 box time)
It will be AoC trivia hosted by Migas sponsored by a Lord
Be there or be square!

New FB Page!

281. Sun Aug 02 2020 13:03 (Leya) :: New FB Page!

New Facebook page!!

Quality of Life Spell Purchase

280. Sun Aug 02 2020 12:10 (Sunzuu) :: Quality of Life Spell Purchase

-Help questpoints has been updated to reflect a new additional purchase option with questpoints.
-You will now be able to purchase certain spells with 250000 questpoints and 1 diamond heartstone. See help questpoints for more details!

Site Bans Issued

279. Sun Aug 02 2020 11:20 (Sunzuu) :: Site Bans Issued

After further debate and investigation into the recent major bug abuse, we admin have decided to permanently site ban Markus/Naedomza and
There is no excuse for blatant bug abuse and it will not be tolerated on ANY level.

Please Read

278. Thu Jul 30 2020 05:53 (Lefty) :: Please Read

First the good news: our benevolant Patron of the Server has upgraded us so we should be more stable now, no more lag and constant crashing!
Thank you Lars!

Second the not so good news: it has come to our attention that there was a bug with forgetting AKs at guild masters such that you could get
infinite quest points.
A few people have already been dealt with for abusing this bug. We are in the process of reviewing logs and will identify anyone else
involved soon.
If you used 'forget' at any point and were granted QP but did not lose your AK, you must tell a Lord/Lady now before we discover you or you
will be deleted.
Flagrant abuse of bugs absolutely can not be tolerated, for the good of everyone in this game.


277. Sun Jul 26 2020 03:04 (Sunzuu) :: Clanwar!

Hello folks. It's that time again! Dust off those breastplates and sharpen those swords!
A clanwar will be held on Tuesday August 25th at 6pm EDT.
It will last approximately two hours and last man standing will be held afterwards.
There will be prizes and lots of fun to be had for everyone!
Which clan will be victorious? Will Taardad claim the day or will Seanchan steal the show?
We look forward to seeing everyone then!


293. Thu Jul 23 2020 02:59 (Lefty) :: Fixes

1) Reduced damage for Briarslam, Claw, and Constrict a bit (still higher then original)
2) Claw can be used in combat again
3) Fixed an issue where suffocate/poison/starve/etc could kill you after losing a duel
4) Fixed an issue where you could suffocate mobs that had breathe water


292. Wed Jul 22 2020 16:33 (Lefty) :: Additionally...

Claw and briarslam can no longer be used in combat, since their damage was increased this was too buff
Also small clarification on the suffocate change: mobs with breathe water are still immune to suffocate.
breathe water no longer protects players from suffocate, no matter if it is cast by another player or a mob

Bunch of Updates!

291. Wed Jul 22 2020 08:07 (Lefty) :: Bunch of Updates!

1) Champion of the holy tower now gets a +6 bonus to potency, and other followers of the patron get +2 potency
2) Drink blood, Briarslam, Eat Brains, and Claw are now only single element skills
3) Briarslam, Constrict, and Claw damage have been increased
4) Eat brains healing has been inreased (and heal amount is now shown!)
5) Constrict duration has been decreased
6) The suffocate spell can no longer be prevented or cured by the breathe water effect in PVP
7) Fixed an issue where a mob dying of poison would knock you out of combat with a different mob
8) Fixed an issue where using drink blood on a target with negative HP would hurt you
9) Fixed an issue where Undead AR players could be plagued
10) Hardcore mode now no longer grants bonus XP, but chances for heartstones has been increased by 10%
11) Items will now only last 3 days in the donation room
12) Wand of Renewed Speach for sale in Hy-Brasail has been changed to Wand of Trap Detection

Small Eq Update

290. Sun Jul 19 2020 23:54 (Sunzuu) :: Small Eq Update

1. Sharkskin Boots are now Undead Only instead of Shade Only.
2. Soul Render is no longer Shade only and crackles at 4% instead of 3%.
3. A string of black mahogany prayer beads now also has potency added to it.


EQ of the Week Update!

289. Thu Jul 16 2020 07:20 (Sunzuu) :: EQ of the Week Update!

-At long last Eq of the Week has been updated! Old items have new and better stats now!
-Some items have been removed and some new ones have been added. There are a total of 82 items.
-Eq of the Week now costs 400000 questpoints due to better quality items.

Please report any bugs asap. This was a combined effort between Migas, myself, and Leya. Thanks and Enjoy!

PVP and PVE Board Winners!

288. Wed Jul 15 2020 00:49 (Sunzuu) :: PVP and PVE Board Winners!

Season 1 of pveboard and leaderboard has ended! The winners have been finalized!
They received questpoints, a cool sirname, and a heartstone. The boards have been reset and Season 2 has officially begun!
Please congratulate the winners below when you see them!

PVP Leaderboard:
1- Kateda [00251] [0175] [0474] [0000]
2- Mataklap [00238] [0340] [0783] [0006]
3- Nashira [00224] [0244] [0612] [0019]

PVE Leaderboard:
1- Barish [08064] [1943] [8429] [18879] [8064]
2- Cosimo [04847] [1118] [1503] [9088] [4847]
3- Malach [04025] [0115] [0557] [2669] [4025]

Warzone + More!

287. Mon Jul 13 2020 04:07 (Lefty) :: Warzone + More!

1) HWZ entrance rooms have been updated for current patrons.
2) Death lag time has been reduced for ARs in gate 1 of lab
3) The White Castle has finally collapsed after years of war, and we now only have ONE castle in the WZ! Go get it!
4) Bonuses for holding a castle in war zone have changed to the following:
4hit/4dam instead of 1hit/1dam
20% regen bonus istead of 5% regen bonus
35% heartstone chances instead of 25% hearstone chances
5) 'Use' has been disabled for potions, you can now only 'quaff' them again.

t60 Lab Challenge Results

286. Sun Jun 21 2020 01:21 (Leya)            ::  t60 Lab Challenge 

Congrats to the winners! 1. Jiha 2. Ryle 3. Alphiro
(only three to finish)


285. Sun Jul 12 2020 02:41 (Lefty) :: fixes

1) Wall of Thorns now no longer consumes mana if your target doesn't exist
2) There are a couple new affects you zone builders can add to mobs now: NoBlind and NoSleep. These have been applied to Spydreth so
hopefully gate 11 won't break so much

Item Update

284. Tue Jul 07 2020 22:23 (Sunzuu) :: Item Update

My first item update is in!
A solid aqua doublet laced with tan ribbons has new restrictions on it now. Go pop one!
Look forward to items being updated more frequently now. Post on's suggestion forum if you want to see some old items updated!


283. Thu Jul 02 2020 04:31 (Lefty) :: Updates!

- Age has now been replaced on all equipment with a new stat - Spell Potency! Potency increases the damage
of spells in the same way +dam items increase melee attacks. Only weaves cast by characters will be increased,
not spells cast by weapons, items, etc. This will not change any Age eq already on characters, so go start
popping to discover the new stats!
- Since none of the other druid spells are level based, PFC/H have been changed to learn at level 1 instead
of 16 and help files have been updated with elements.
- Hope now correctly blocks despair and no longer blocks confusion
- Sidhe now have full archery instead of half
- Quivering Palm has been disabled for being terrible. If for some strange reason you got this spell anyway,
you may ask a lord for a refund.
- Finger of Death has been replaced by a NEW AP AK: Plague! Check "help plague" for details! If you have FoD,
you may ask a lord for a refund.
- Jacinth Orange Heartstones have been removed to reduce the clutter on the streets of New Manetheren
- The reward for completing lab pre-mt has been increased to 350k QP

As always, please report any issues to a lord/lady immediately, and have fun!

Clan Max Size

282. Tue Jun 30 2020 22:11 (Sunzuu) :: Clan Max Size

Clan max size has been increased from 16 to 18. Enjoy!

t60 Lab Challenge

281. Sun Jun 21 2020 01:21 (Leya) :: t60 Lab Challenge

I will be hosting a labyrinth race challenge, again, which will work as follows:
The race and class will be decided by me. Everyone will start with the same of the following:
You will be allowed to purchase ID scrolls, ff/fa/bw/remove poison pots. They may not be containered and you may not obtain them from an
You will be allowed to spread your character as you choose.
You will be allotted 1 respread prior to lab.
You are NOT to use your Alts to help your own char in ANYWAY. This includes logging a camped alt to PK a Racer.
Anything goes in lab - pkill/psteal/working together/etc. The only restriction is that racers cannot interact with non-racers in any way.
Winners will be determined by PLAYED TIME not who finishes first.
Any one caught cheating will be automatically disqualified and their mains will not like results either.
You are NOT to use an alt to assist in anyway (In case you missed that the first time)
* Prizes will be awarded by default to the fastest 3 combos through lab (subject to number of participants - maybe more or less) but
everyone will receive something.
Prizes (tentatively) will be as follows:
1. Choice of any legal AR/sub/combo and QPs for 1 AK (1 million qps) + Heartstone
2. Choice of any legal AR/sub/combo and QPs (750k qps) (tentative)
3. Choice of any legal AR/sub/combo and QPs (500k qps) (tentative)
All other finishers will be allowed to keep their characters. In addition, there will be a qp prize.
Send a tell to me (Leya) or mud mail and, when I have time, I will create your char. Time starts when I give you the character's
You have until 11:59 EST June 24th to sign up. Challenge will end July 11th.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you and have fun!!

Sleep spell and Pduels

279. Wed Jun 17 2020 04:36 (Sunzuu) :: Sleep spell and Pduels

1. Sleep spell now has a 1 hour fixed duration.

2. Pduel wins no longer count towards leaderboard.

Lab etc

278. Mon Jun 15 2020 01:53 (Lefty) :: Lab etc

Coral Lords in gate 7 have had their charge damage reduced back to pre-buff levels
Also disconnecting will no longer save you in Lab or WZ. If you are attacked while linkless, it means instant death!

leaderboard and pveboard

277. Sun Jun 14 2020 23:05 (Sunzuu) :: leaderboard and pveboard

Hello everyone! I would like to announce the official start of the leaderboard and pveboard season as of 6-15-2020!
Seasons for pvp and pve will start on the 15th of every month and end on the 15th of the following month.
Whoever holds the top 3 spots on each board will receive a special ANSI sirname so they can flex on who list.
Also, the rewards for 1st place are 300k questpoints, 2nd place 200k questpoints, and 3rd place 100k questpoints.
We will reset the boards every month to ensure everyone has a fair chance to make it to the top!
For the first season, we will not be resetting the board until 7-15-2020 so all of the current kills count.
Have fun killing each other in war zone and have fun killing those level 31+ mobs!
If anyone abuses this, we will come down on your hard. So please, do this legitimately so no Lord has to punish you.
Everyone wants good rewards for their hard work so have fun and stay tuned for more updates!

Barbarian Smart and Highlands

276. Thu Jun 11 2020 04:57 (Sunzuu) :: Barbarian Smart and Highlands

1. Barbarians can now use scroll of identify and scrolls of recall.
2. In order to make PVP areas standard across the board, players now use stamina in the Ghealdan Highlands.

Report any bugs. Enjoy!

PVP/PVE Boards + Fix

275. Wed Jun 10 2020 04:06 (Lefty) :: PVP/PVE Boards + Fix

So first and most importantly, the crash bug is fixed for real this time! So you can now see room affect descriptions again.

Next, PVP leaderboards have been reset. pduels will no longer count towards rank, and lords/ladys will no longer be ranked.
Also announcing the new PVE board! Use 'pveboard' to see it. This will rank players based on the number of level 31+
mobs they kill, but you can also see your other kill counts. In the near future we will be arranging for titles based
on your PVE rank as well as prizes awarded to the top ranked PVP and PVE players at the end of each "season". Stay tuned for more details!

Crash Fix

274. Tue Jun 09 2020 06:15 (Lefty) :: Crash Fix

We discovered a bug with the recent change to add the name of the caster of room affects to the description
that caused a crash when the mob died or the player logged off who cast the spell.
These names have temporarily been removed until I can resolve the issue. You will still see the effect and the duration.
Sorry about that, but at least now you can get back to killing Xazsos!


273. Tue Jun 09 2020 04:59 (Lefty) :: Fixes

1) Nature's Fury can now be cast before or after mana weapons (see previous news post)
2) Mental Tap SKILL (tap 'skill' <victim>) has been removed, so now you can use only use it as a WEAVE (weave 'mental tap' <victim> <skill>)
3) There was an old bug with the Heartstone code which resulted in decreased odds to load a HS in a group compared to solo.
This bug just became more obvious when we recently decreased heartstone load chances across the board.
It has now been FIXED so group up with your clans and you should see some stones load! :D

Nature's Fury

272. Mon Jun 08 2020 01:58 (Lefty) :: Nature's Fury

This spell can now be used in combination with mageblade and spiritual hammer
Also, thunderlance will no longer reduce its effectiveness
Enjoy druids! :D

NOTE: you must cast nature's fury AFTER the mana weapon for this benifit. I will be fixing that later so you can cast them in any order.
Sorry about that!

Wall of Fire/Ice

271. Mon Jun 08 2020 01:22 (Lefty) :: Wall of Fire/Ice

Both walls now do the same damage (ice did less before)
Damage for both walls has been reduced, both for initial cast and for walking through later
Both walls are now GROUP FRIENDLY.. this includes walking through the wall later! No more horses getting killed either :)
You can now see room affects such as these walls, their duration, AND who casted them! check look!

Unrelated fix - when you cast death blade and are already wielding a weapon, you will no longer gain mana

Paladins Etc

270. Sat Jun 06 2020 08:36 (Lefty) :: Paladins Etc

1) Thunderlance and death blade (charger) have had their damage dice increased and can crackle with icelance and soul
shatter respectively
2) Unmounted charge damage has been increased
3) Chance for knockdown on charge has been increased (for both unmounted and mounted)
4) Maximum bet on pduels has been increased from 50k to 100k
5) It should no longer be possible to hit someone for negative damage
6) Duels will now remove all effects from BOTH participants. WZ, HWZ etc will still only remove effects from the person
who dies.


269. Wed Jun 03 2020 06:42 (Lefty) :: Fireshield

Fireshield as a spell was pretty lame so we gave it a little spark:
it now provides some dfire
spell duration has been increased
note that these changes only apply to the spell (including racial) and not equipment
but one change which applies to ALL is - no more being damaged by your own FS!
because what kind of sheild kills the one it supposed to protect?
enjoy and as always, let a lord/lady know if you find any issues!

More Fixes

268. Tue Jun 02 2020 03:18 (Lefty) :: More Fixes

- Average mana cost for chorus has been reduced
- Being defeated in WZ, HWZ, Duels, etc will result in all affects being removed.
No more killer flags due to suffocate or sitting there blind for hours. huzzah!

More Bard Stuff

267. Tue Jun 02 2020 01:41 (Lefty) :: More Bard Stuff

Thanks for all your feedback regarding the recent bard changes! We have made the following updates:
Lullaby no longer reduces mana if you attempt to cast it in combat
Fixed issue with using lullaby against multiple targets in a room
Failing to sing a song now results in some lag
Removed charisma bonus to song mana cost (so songs will cost a little more to sing now)
Lament has been disabled. It will be completely removed from the game later.
Requiem now can blind again
Requiem can now add the -move -dex debuff from lament, but only against players. So there will be less possible debuffs vs mobs
Let us know if you find any more issues!

Bard Changes

266. Mon Jun 01 2020 04:58 (Lefty) :: Bard Changes

Our first look at balancing all the classes and skills is at the Bard! Bards have long been considered the
most OP class so we have had to make a lot of adjustments to put them on par with everyone else.
We have implemented the following changes:
- Psalm and Ballad no longer provide a regen boost
- Duration reduced on Lullaby and Requiem
- Requiem now can only add one affect to the victim instead of two
- Requiem no longer spooks or blinds
- Dispel silence and cure blind now work on bard songs
- Calamitous now reduces both pspirit and pearth
- Lullaby aggros on failure and cannot be cast in combat
- Chorus damage reduced
- Psalm, Melody, and Ballad now remove Calamitous
- Create Instrument now no longer increases song duration or adds save bonuses
- Lament is now similar to requiem in that it adds one of four affects to the victim:
1) blind
2) -HP and -Con
3) -Move and -Dex
4) -Hit and +AC
- NEW BARD AK! It's called Sharp Wits, check out the help file for a description!
- Foxsong is now no longer offered as individual AK, but is usable with Create Instrument
(If you already have Foxsong please contact a Lord/Lady and we can either give you Sharp Wits
or refund your QP)
Also an unrelated change - Hope no longer aggros, so say goodbye to all those accidental killer flags :)
Please let us know immediately if you notice any issues with this and enjoy!
Stay tuned for updates to other classes..

Create Artifact and Heartstone

265. Wed May 27 2020 22:21 (Sunzuu) :: Create Artifact and Heartstone

Fixed a bug to where flame/vorp weapons had 7 days instead of 30 when create artifact was used on them.

Fixed a bug with the minimum/maximum values on heartstones. These should be working properly now.

If you have any questions, please reach out to myself or any other admin. Thank you!

Clanned Alt Limits

264. Wed May 27 2020 17:59 (Sunzuu) :: Clanned Alt Limits

After watching clan numbers for a bit, we have decided to allow each person to clan up to 2 goodie and 2 evil alts. Enjoy!

Create Artifact and Misc Fixes

263. Wed May 27 2020 05:55 (Lefty) :: Create Artifact and Misc Fixes

Create Artifact now has increased odds of a better tweak based on your mearth
Also duration of artifacts has been increased to 30 days

Magebiter is now !ranger
Wands now degen


262. Tue May 26 2020 00:19 (Leya) :: Chorus/Eqstatus

-Chorus was fixed, no longer spammable
-Eqstatus no longer shows condition for items that are !Degen

Weapon Balance Changes

261. Sat May 23 2020 19:28 (Sunzuu) :: Weapon Balance Changes

To assist with better balancing fighter weapons, we have made a few changes.

1. Magebiter is now usable by warriors as well as barbarians.
2. Whiperflange and the Hermit have new restrictions and an update. Go find them and see what they do!

Enjoy! Give us feedback!

EQ Wipe and Item Degen

260. Sat May 23 2020 19:18 (Sunzuu) :: EQ Wipe and Item Degen

We are proud to announce that we have made most eq not degen anymore! This has been long asked for by players.
To accomplish this, we had to do an eq wipe of all players on the mud.
Below is a list of changes took place to make this happen and be balanced.

1. Most items you wear no longer degen and lose days! You keep them forever!
2. Some item types such as wands, scrolls, wondrous, potions, hard max items (thin portable hole, etc) and others still degen as normal but cannot be repaired.
3. Items that still degen will show their condition degrade over time.
4. Due to this change, Fix, Evaluate, and Locate Object, and Shop Keepers that repaired items were disabled permanently.
5. Item tweak chances were lowered. Heartstone load chances were lowered.
6. Item tweak ranges for hp/mana/moves/delements were lowered.
7. Heartstone ranges were improved. You will now have a higher min on a heartstone but lower max than a normally tweaked item.
8. You can no longer purchase heartstones with Leadrank points.
9. You cannot heartstone an item twice anymore and you cannot heartstone a tweaked item.
10. Donated items will degen in the donation room regardless of what item type they are. This is to help with item max issues.
11. Diamond Heartstones will allow you to raise all of your stats (dex/con/int/etc) to 22-23 and 23-24 (there is no longer a stat limit on how many you can max)

Multiplaying Rule Suspended

259. Tue May 19 2020 15:12 (Sunzuu) :: Multiplaying Rule Suspended

I have another announcement in conjunction with the eq degen removal change. Starting May 23 2020, multiplaying will no longer be allowed.
You may have one clanned evil alt and one clanned goodie alt. This is to maintain fairness as we move forward.
We will be monitoring to make sure that no one is dragging their alts around for popping runs or to spell up their alts for wzone, popping or to xp their alts. Thank you for understanding!

Character Restores

258. Tue May 19 2020 05:48 (Lefty) :: Character Restores

We have been having a lot of older players returning to the mud recently, which is great!
However this also means a lot of requests to restore characters.
In order to streamline the process I would ask that you please create a character with the same name first.
Race/class/etc. don't matter, just the name and password basically.
After you have created all your characters then mud mail me a list of the names.
This will also be less disruptive to other players because it won't require a reboot.
Thanks and welcome back!

EQ Updates

257. Mon May 18 2020 02:25 (Lefty) :: EQ Updates

In anticipation of the !degen eq update, we have made a couple small balance changes:
Magebiter now crackles at 3% instead of 4%
WizardWhacker now crackles at 2% instead of 4%
Existing weapons should be not be affected, but any new loads will have these values.
Removing eq degen has been the most requested feature and we are excited to be getting close
to that goal. Stay tuned for updates!

Player Tip Contest

256. Sun May 10 2020 10:22 (Leya) :: Player Tip Contest!

I am holding a contest for players to submit their ideas for new player tips to be added.
Tips must be helpful and accurate. Do not send me things like "You must give gold to me"
I will splut you. You may submit as many as you'd like, but please note not every tip
submitted will be used. Please send me your best ones. Everyone who submits at least 1 tip
will be rewarded, but rewards will be primarily based on how helpful and accurate your tips are.
The more you send the more likely yours will be used :) Player who submits the most that are picked will receive a bonus reward.
You may submit your tips by Mud mail or email ONLY, do not send me a tell while your tip, it will not be submitted.
Any questions please let me know. You will have until the 30th for the contest.
Thank you!


255. Sun May 10 2020 06:11 (Lefty) :: Patrons

Some of our Lords have moved on quite awhile ago, so it seemed time to update our
Patrons to those who are more active. Jesuel has been replaced by Sunzuu, Lord of Pain.
Talen has been replaced by Lefty, Lord of Nature. Finally, we are excited to announce
the return of our original Lord of Love, Vechelle! He will be replacing Andor.
All characters following the old Patrons will be automatically following the new ones.


254. Sun May 10 2020 06:00 (Lefty) :: Age

We have many characters that have been around for years and have ridiculous ages.
We don't want to penalize people for playing characters for a long time, that should be a good thing.
So we have changed it so that age no longer affects regen. Older characters
should notice much improved HP regen. Enjoy!

Skill System

253. Sun May 10 2020 05:39 (Lefty) :: Skill System

The skill system was never completely finished and has some problems and balance issues.
Due to this, we have removed the option to use the skill system from character creation and transformation.
Existing characters using the skill system may continue to do so and will not be affected by this.
We may re-introduce the skill system in the future but we also have changes for balance and improvements
planned for the elements system which could make the skill system obsolete. Stay tuned for updates.

Down Time / Changes

252. Wed May 06 2020 04:46 (Leya) :: Down Time

Hi All! We are back up and running! A special thanks to Lefty, Sunzuu, Teepee, Oscanius and Lars for their efforts :)
Please give a warm welcome and thank our new admins Lefty, Sunzuu and Oscanius.They look forward to supporting the mud and bring some great new ideas to the mud.
There were a lot of issues that had to be worked through to get us back up and running. There were several pfiles and equipment files that were corrupt and needed to be removed.
If you have been affected by this please contact me and I will help straight it out for you.
In addition 2x xp will be up for a bit and I will host a few events this week
Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Also, please welcome back Vechelle! :)