Mudlet, log from aoc profile

Log session starting at 01:34:35 on Wednesday, 15 July 2020.

-= Players =-
[ LORD ] Lefty Ruhk the Benevolent Patron of Nature, Shepherd of Goats
[ LORD ] Lars the Blood Wolf
[ LORD ] Sunzuu Telestar the Lord of Torture, Patron of Pain
[Hero Le CCPs] Revan the Wolf Master Psionicist-Arch-Prelate (Quest) [Dreamwalker] [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Lf OCSu] Kali Mo'Kani the Stonard Fists (invis) [Hardcore] [Asha'man]
[Hero Ri PsOC] Jaquen L'man the Imposter Pony (invis) (Quest) [Taardad]
[Hero Lf WiPa] Cael the Winter Knight, Errand Boy to the Court of Air and Darkness (invis) [Hardcore] [Asha'man]
[Hero Le RaCC] Lyzivex the Wraith Arch-Prelate-High Ranger Lord [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Ve WaPa] Shen the Frost Dragon Lord Knight-Blade Master (Quest) [Adventurer] [Knight] [Hardcore] [Taardad]
[Hero Lf OCAu] Judge Zeno Benkei The Wandering Monk [Dreamwalker] [Hardcore] [Taardad]
[Hero Lf DrPa] Krev the Frost Dragon Lord Knight-Great Druid [Hardcore] [Taardad]
[Hero Ri OCAu] Judge Apollyon Ephermus the Recurrence [Dreamwalker] [Hardcore] [Asha'man]
[Hero Lf PaDr] Feltrys the Lord Captain Commander, Paragon of Amador (invis) [Adventurer] [Hardcore] [Children of Light]
[Hero Le WaAP] Voyager Cosimo Candarra [Hardcore] [Seanchan]
[Hero Le BdAP] Alkara Amanes the Sound and the Fury [Hardcore] [Seanchan]
[Hero Lf OCAr] Miggoo Mahn the Bowslinger [Criminal] [Taardad]
[Hero Le CCAr] Aellor the Wraith Master Artificer-Arch-Prelate (invis) [Adventurer] [Hardcore] [Seanchan]
[mt177 Le CCAu] Balazs Kiraly the Fire Dragon Master Monk-Arch-Bishop (invis) [Seanchan]
[mt172 La PsCC] Khaine the Zombie Lord Arch-Bishop-Dark Psionicist [Shaido]
[mt 80 Lf BaPa] Erran Prost the Gorgon Lord Knight-Barbarian Chief [Hardcore] [Asha'man]

Log session ending at 01:34:35 on Wednesday, 15 July 2020.

5 to 10 minute delay..