Mudlet, log from aoc profile

Log session starting at 11:39:35 on Friday, 4 December 2020.

-= Players =-
[Lb 1 Su CCTh] Tazafax Bloodrage the Frost Dragon Master Thief-Arch-Prelate (invis) [Shaido]
[Hero Ri OCBd] Nivii Frant the Novice [Hardcore] [Asha'man]
[Hero Sh CCWi] Qedar Kelvin, Artic Wolf Alpha, who has torn the throat of the Black Wind (invis) [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Le PsCC] Jaquyin L'man the Zurd (invis) [Shaido]
[Hero La CCSu] Tethom the Grumpy Old Man [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Le CCAP] Krin the Frozen Lizard [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Le APDr] Xykiar Prevoss [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero La ArTh] Ithh the Shadow, Recluse Weaponsmith of Shayol Ghul (Quest) [Dreadlords]
[Hero Lf OCAr] Miggoo Mahn the Gunslinger (Quest) [Dreamwalker] [Taardad]
[Hero La WaBd] Grayven the Lich Insidious Master Bard-Black Blade Master [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Su MuCC] Ghix le'Paghz, Vampire of the Sligg Coven (invis) [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Le BdCC] Yezor the Colorful Creator of Chaotic Catastrophe [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Le BaTh] Flecks McFlex the Cobro [Shaido]
[Hero Lf PaDr] Feltrys the Bargain Dealer of Amador [Adventurer] [Hardcore] [Children of Light]
[Hero Le CCAr] Aellor the Tough but Tender (invis) [Adventurer] [Hardcore] [Shaido]
[Hero Le SpBd] Istvani Nightbourne the Ironclad Instrumentalist, Inductive Iguana of Ill-Intent [Hardcore] [Shaido]

Log session ending at 11:39:35 on Friday, 4 December 2020.

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