Courage Bug

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Courage Bug

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HELP TOPIC [courage]:

USAGE : weave 'courage' [recipient]
USED BY : Order Cleric

When woven upon a player of the same alignment, the recipient will
receive a bonus to his or her beauty, strength, and constitution.
Courage has an added effect of making the recipient invulnerable
to DESPAIR, though it is ineffective if the recipient is already
affected by DESPAIR. The courage weave also provides some protection
from BLACK MANTLE and may also remove that weave if the recipient is
currently affected by it.

Courage does not appear to be removing black mantle:

Affecting Spells:
black mantle : 0 to NONE [ 3 hours] [Fear]

You begin to weave a pattern into the shape of a beating heart!
Your heart feels full of courage.

<688H 657M 316V 1X 17:07:23 100S 316E> aff
Affecting Spells:
courage : 2 to Cha [ 2 hours] [NONE]
courage : 2 to Con [ 2 hours] [NONE]
courage : 2 to Str [ 2 hours] [NONE]
black mantle : 0 to NONE [ 2 hours] [Fear]


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Re: Courage Bug

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To be fair, it says it may remove black mantle, not that it necessarily will...