Updates and Fixes

291. Sat Jun 25 2022 13:06 (Teepee) :: Updates and Fixes

o Shriek regen bonus has been increased for Zombie Lords.
For other undead under the affects of shriek it will still
be the same as before.
o Shriek will now take the highest of PAir, PSpirit and PWater.
o Zombie Lords are now unable to be slept.
o Dodge added to Lichs
o Tread added to Wraiths.
o Wraithform and Vampireform now function like Dragonform
meaning they are now !dispel.
o Vampireform now has a proper expiration message. Hooray!

o Blood Dagger has been updated to allow venom charges to be
re-applied via applypoison. See the help file for more info.
o Mechanical Hand has improvements to its base APR. Min is now
2 to 1/2-att and max is now 4. Dexterity has been removed
the ability and replaced by +15 to both PFire and PSpirit.
o Remove Desecrate has had it's minimum effective rate increased
so that it is more in line with other AKs.
o Remove Poison has been added to Chaos Cleric learnable skills.
o Cure Blind added to Paladin learnable skills.
o Aid will no longer be a random roll. It is now directly tied
to your investment in MSpirit.

Fixes and Misc:
o Phantom Steeds will no longer gallop off when using abilities
such as volley.
o Wall of Thorns will no longer affect players or charms grouped
with the weaver.
o Armor Penetration now scales correctly.
o Positional modifiers have now been added for spell damage.
An example of this is if your target is asleep your spells
will do double damage against them. This is how other forms
of attack have worked for a long time.
o A few backend improvements and features added.

Macabre Manor:
o Some of the mobs have had their type changed.
o The wicked witches in the parlor now have a chance to load
madness ciphers.

Hosting and Automation

290. Sat Jun 25 2022 12:53 (Oeneas) :: Hosting and Automation

Today we have switched from being hosted by Lars and are now being hosted
by the current admin group. The aoc.pandapub.com hostname is now pointed at
play.aocmud.com. Going forward you can use play.aocmud.com 4000 to connect!

Thank you Lars for all the support and help over the years! Age of Chaos would
not be alive without you and Nashtok!

We've also implemented a few changes to help character progression..

Transformation Statue
o Fixed an issue that caused players to transform in undead.
o The Re-Nexus statue will no longer delete player's equipment/inventory.

Forget Ancient Knowledge
o Guildmasters can refund AKs again for a cost of 50k gold. Refunded QP is still 75%.

Item Repair
o The famous Amazing Vinzini will now repair items. Cost is 1,000 QP per 1 day.

Clanwar Results

289. Sun Jun 05 2022 01:56 (Oeneas) :: Clanwar Results

Congrats to Children of Light for winning clanwar! And congrats to Soklimx for outlasting everyone and
winning Last Man Standing!

[Clan Info] : White Tower [00] Children of Light [82] Asha'man [21] Shaido [12] Taardad [00] Seanchan [00]
Darkfriends [00] Dreadlords [14]

Clanwar - June 4th

288. Mon May 30 2022 23:19 (Felone) :: Clanwar - June 4th

The great and honorable Oeneas will be hosting a clanwar this coming Saturday, June 4th, at 7PM CST. Be there or be square.

Stability Fixes

287. Thu Apr 07 2022 07:00 (Lefty) :: Stability Fixes

The login crash bug has finally been fixed!

In addition, we should no longer run out of disk space as i set up a job to delete temp files and log files.

But even if we do, pfile corruption will no longer totally kill the mud. A

lso pfile corruption will not result in total kit loss but rather just the loss of individual items.

For anyone that lost their kit during the last major crash, please let me know which characters you want (mostly) restored.
I noticed some people started new kits so I don't want to just overwrite those without notice.

Cheers to a long uptime coming!

Santa's Visit

286. Thu Dec 09 2021 19:42 (Teepee) :: Santa's Visit

Santa will be stopping by again this year to spread a little
Christmas cheer. What does this mean for you? Well, Santa has
mentioned that anyone who would like to send him a letter
through mudmail can ask for an item and Santa will make it
extra special as a Christmas present.

A few things to note:
o This is per account not per alt, so just send one mudmail.
o No godloads.
o Due date to get your mudmail in is December 19th, no extensions!
o The item will last for 60 days and will be non-repairable.

If you do not have a specific item in mind, you can ask for a
slot instead. For instance, you could mudmail Santa asking for
a belt with damage and stoneskin. The items will be tailored to
your character so don't worry too much about restrictions and
stuff for classes and alignment. If you have any questions or
wish to inquire about something you'd like to request feel free
to send me a mudmail. Merry Christmas!

AR Updates, General Updates

287. Mon Nov 22 2021 02:53 (Teepee) :: AR Updates, General Updates

o Lichs now have disruption and a higher base regen.
o Dodge removed from Wraiths.
o Cost to enter into wraithform has been reduced, and the
duration of wraithform has been increased.
o Vampires now have dodge and a new ability called vampire form.
While in vampire form, vampires will periodically cast vampiric
touch and will have pass door.
o Lag on successful drinkblood attempts has been improved slightly.
o The calculation for Shriek was previously weighted to where if
you had high values in either pair or pspirit and low values in
the other, it would bring down the average. This made it rather
difficult to attain a good level in Shriek unless you invested
heavily into both pair and pspirit. Now, Shriek will use the
highest of either pair or pspirit.

o Feral Rage ability has been changed to be usable at 250 hp
or below.
o Free Action and Sense Life are now natural abilities for ferals.
o Ravens now have access to both vengeance shroud and fireshield
regardless of their alignment.
o Tigers and wolves now have natural fleetfeet.
o APR bonus to Tigers while blood frenzy is active has been
increased to 3 to 1/2-Att, and the hitroll and damroll bonuses
are now static at 6 each.
o Claw's accuracy is now static just like the knockdown chance.
The damage of claw is now based on the highest element of
pfire or pearth. Cripple with claw is based on this now too.
o Evade will now work while in hardcore mode.
o Constrict is now usable in combat when fighting against mobs.
o Dispel Silence has a chance to fail when attempting to remove
the affects of constrict.

o True Invisibility will now remain when casting or entering
o Voadkyn will now have Vitalize Mana and natural PFC/PFH.
o Briarslam is usable in combat when fighting against mobs.
o Sidhe now have natural endure element.
o Centaurs will now have Synostodweomer. They also now have
barbarian desecrate resistance. This does not stack if you
are a barbarian.

o Identify has been added to the learnable skills list for Mages.
o Non-AK mana weapons have had their costs reduced.
o Blood Frenzy duration has been increased. This applies to
Minotaurs, Zombie Lords, and Tigers.
o When weaving Wall of Thorns on a target not in the room, it
will now default to a room affect weave. This is what the weave
currently does when no target is specified.
o Disruption is a little more successful in getting through absorb
and reflect.
o Leadrank will now accumulate with groups of 2 or more. A result
of this change is that the scaling for increased group members
is slightly more rewarding on average.
o Some miscellaneous fixes and updates for general improvement.

Multiplay Rule Change

286. Fri Nov 05 2021 00:17 (Oeneas) :: Multiplay Rule Change

On November 15th the rules for multiplaying will be changing. You will be
allowed to lab 1 alt character while playing your main character. Once the
alt character is transported outside of Labyrinth, you may only have one
character logged in.

Any questions or concerns mudmail Oeneas

Ciphers and Aringill Pathing

288. Sun Oct 31 2021 20:45 (Teepee) :: Ciphers and Aringill Pathing

o Ciphers will now reward 150k qps instead of 75k qps.
o A pathing issue with Aringill has been fixed (2 days ago).

New Zone: Aringill

287. Thu Oct 28 2021 19:30 (Teepee) :: Aringill

Aringill was once the biggest and most important port of Andor. The middle
sized town lies east of Timelan on the western bank of the Erinin between the
Sea of Storms in the south and Tar Valon in the north.
After the disappearance of the Dragon and the New Breaking a titan from the Age
order followers Legends awoke. He marched towards Aringill and when the people refused to
surrender, he destroyed the whole town.
Andor finally sent his five strongest heroes. In a heroic battle, four heroes
sacrificed themselves so that the fifth could defeat the Tyrant. After the wise
woman of the village foretold that the Titan would arise again, the survivors
created a great labyrinth from the ruins of the city around the battleground.
The Labyrinth was to hold the Titan captive forever.

Aringill - Zone 404 - Written by Rohgard

New CC AK and Updates

286. Tue Oct 19 2021 05:15 (Lefty) :: New CC AK and Updates

o Chaos Clerics can now learn Chaos Channeling. This is a
replacement for Suffocate. If you have suffocate seek out
an admin to have it refunded or replaced. For details on
Chaos Channeling see Help Chaos Channeling.

o Spellsurge now has potency added to it.

o Magic-Users will now have access to Cure Critic.

o The costs of Remove Desecrate has been lowered. It is now
also possible to weave this while in combat.

o Fixed an issue where Pair was still being used for Conditioning
in some cases. Barbarians and Warriors should no longer have
this problem.


285. Sat Oct 16 2021 02:31 (Teepee) :: PvP FAQ

Since there's a lot of confusion about warzone and alts/spells,
some rules probably need to be clarified and established.

o You can't use your alt in warzone or any other pvp areas.
o You can't use your alt to buff you or cast spells on you
before entering pvp areas.
o You can't enter into pvp areas with AFK group or clan members.
o You can't use AFK group or clan members for buffs for pvp.
o You CAN use active clan members entering into pvp areas with
you for buffs.
o If you have the mimic ability, you can mimic from anyone,
but you must actually mimic the ability.
o You can't "steal" buffs from other afk groups or players
including, but not limited to using emotes and such.

This isn't exactly an exhaustive list, but just to clarify
some of the more commonly asked questions that have been
coming in as of late. Seek out an admin if you have other
questions about anything not addressed here.

Appended -- Mon Oct 18 2021 03:18
The spell SHIELD is the only allowable spell a player can have up
from another player not entering into pvp areas.

Re: AR Automation

284. Fri Oct 15 2021 15:05 (Felone) :: Re: AR Automation

To clarify lab completion:
Pre-AR characters will receive 1 million QP's upon lab completion.
AR characters will not receive any QP's - just the ability to select
their subrace when they transform.

New AK and AR Automation

292. Fri Oct 08 2021 06:12 (Teepee) :: New AK and AR Automation

o Anti-Paladins now have Dark Endowment as a New Ancient Knowledge.
This Ancient Knowledge is a replacement for Plague. If you
currently have Plague, seek out an admin to either get it
refunded fully, or to have it replaced with Dark Endowment.
For Details on the new AK see Help Dark Endowment.

o We have a new addition to the Kuratic Sanctuary! You can now
transform to an AR with a random subrace. You have to be
mt90 or Hero.

o The Labyrith Nexus is now updated to reward subrace selection
and questpoints for completing the Labyrinth.

o Corrected an issue that prevented clerics with no subclasses
from transforming into an AR.

Special Shoutout to Felone and Oeneas for tackling the
automation with the Labyrinth and AR updates. It was
not an easy task, but they did great work getting it
all done.


291. Sat Sep 25 2021 04:33 (Teepee) :: Fixes

o Stasis boxes were inadvertently removed when the trans quests
were being updated. They are now back in.

o A faulty mobprog was discovered when restoring stasis boxes.
Greegos would only take a player's questpoints before. Now he
will take qps and gold as intended from players.

Some Small Changes

290. Mon Sep 20 2021 04:07 (Lefty) :: Some Small Changes

1) We realized the Machin Shin's kit wipe is more brutal now since most eq is !degen than it
was before when we were used to having to repop everything all the time anyways, so we made
a couple changes. Now Shin will not eat tweaked or heartstoned items, only "normal" items.
He is still dangerous though because the less items you lose, the more levels you lose! So
continue to FEAR THE SHIN! cackle

2) Forage has been improved! The maximum amount of food you can carry has been increased, food
duration has been increased, and food will no longer be spoiled when you try to eat it.

3) The one-handed death blade will now cast soul shatter

What about AR?

289. Sat Sep 11 2021 03:22 (Vert) :: What about AR?

Following up on the last post:
Heroes can port to statue for 2 million gold or enter lab and
complete it to set subrace, but no qp reward.

Lab no more

288. Sat Sep 11 2021 02:12 (Vert) :: Lab no more

As of this post you no longer need to complete or even enter lab to
ascend to an ancient race. Upon reach mt90 you can reach out to any
Lord/Imm to be transported to the statue. For now this is free. An
automated system will be set up later with a fee.

So, what is now the purpose of lab, you may ask? Finish it and you get
1 mil qp and to set your sub race. Simply reach out to any Lord/Imm
to have it set for you

More to come on this.

Reforging Heartstones!

294. Wed Sep 08 2021 08:50 (Teepee) :: Reforging Heartstones!

Talem the Wizard in New Manetheren will reforge heartstones for you! It comes with a cost though. Seek him out to see about reforging. Great care has been taken to weed out potential abuses of this new system, but if you do find something I missed let me know immediately so that it can be corrected. Due to the nature of this feature, anyone I find abusing this system will be dealt with harshly. I hope it doesn't come to that though.

Spooky Happenings

293. Sun Aug 29 2021 07:57 (Teepee) :: Spooky Happenings

Situated between the Great North Road of Ebou Dar and the Mountains
of Mist, there is an old manor. The path leading to the manor is
horribly overgrown, and a chilling wind whispers words of warning to
those who venture too close. Sometimes, piercing screams can be heard
echoing throughout the area. Travelers seeking shelter within the
manor have never been seen again.

Macabre Manor - Zone 396

Some Updates

292. Tue Aug 24 2021 05:50 (Lefty) :: Some Updates

1) Bard Lullaby duration extended by 1 tick for 150+ pspirit
2) Trans quests should now be fixed!
3) Immortals have been given the ability to attach/unattach tattoos. So in case you were denied help before, you can bug them now :D

Monks and Fixes

291. Fri Aug 13 2021 06:03 (Teepee) :: Monks and Fixes

o Monk tattoos have been updated to better compete with
gear that can tweak and be heartstoned. See the help
files of the specific monk seasons for details.
o Winter monks have gotten a unique new affect on their
head tattoo!
o In addition to the tattoo changes, Summer Monks now
have war chant and receive the full bonus to fists
of fury. Previously they only got 1 to DDiceSize,
now it's 2.
o Fists of Fury has been buffed by a small amount.
Previously, 10 hit and 6 handdam was the max. Now
it is 15 to hitroll and 10 handdam.

o Lord Ba'althar in Holy Temple was doing a bit too
much damage. Whoops. His damage is now as intended.
o A loving couple in Leuvenheim can now properly get
engaged, and you can kill them and get the item
if you so desire.

Appended -- Fri Aug 13 2021 08:32
The help file listing spring monk tattoos incorrectly states that the head tattoo

gives +5 PEarth. This is actually +15. The help file will be updated to reflect this soon.


290. Tue Jul 27 2021 01:00 (Vert) :: Multi-playing

Multi-playing is back for now. This means you can have two people logged in at once. Rules:
You group with you alt on xp runs, to include other players.
You can pop with your alt.
You can leave you alt idle in town for spells ups or heals for yourself.
You can have both alts clanned, but only one can clanlead
You can have more alts hop on for a specific function but only two
can be logged in at a time
You may NOT bring both alts in any pvp
You may not use your idling spell bot to buff for pvp

Abuse of this will be met with the lowest level of force possible
because we have 3 active imms who will monitor this for fairness.

You son of a bitch. I'm in.

289. Tue Jul 27 2021 00:54 (Vert) :: You son of a bitch. I'm in.

Your specific skills are required for a job. I'm placing a bounty on bringing anyone back. 1 million gold and 200k qps per person.
If two people bring each other back you can claim each other. If you bring yourself back....sure why not!
Look, don't think about this one too hard. The spirit of the exercise will be rewarded and any attempt at abuse will be pretty
easily recognized. So, let's keep this one light and fun.

The One About Your Items

292. Thu Apr 22 2021 18:15 (Teepee) :: The One About Your Items

As many of you know several player files got corrupted recently due to some
MUD issues. There were 65 player files in total. As a result, all of those files had
to have the corrupted objects deleted from their character. I am in the process of
restoring the corrupted files, but it will take a little time due to the volume of
files and items. Currently, about 25% have been restored. I am aiming to try and
have that up to 100% by the end of the month.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Appended -- Thu Apr 22 2021 18:15
Update on the kit restorations:

After spending about 50 hours or so on it, it's done!
All kits that were deleted from this issue have been restored.
If you were one of the players that Lefty listed, and you fill like there is
something missing, or that you were missed let me know, and I'll check.

Easter Event

291. Wed Mar 24 2021 21:39 (Teepee) :: Easter Event

The Easter Bunny will be stopping by, and will be visiting us from March 31st
until April 3rd. The Easter Bunny will have a special place in town when it
arrives. While the Easter Bunny is here, there will be a Great Egg Hunt! Many
colorful dyed eggs will be hidden around the realm. Upon finding eggs, be sure
to turn them in to the Easter Bunny. Each egg turned in will net you a small
quest point reward. When the event is over, all remaining eggs will be wiped
clean, so be sure to turn them in as you go. I hope you all have a Happy


290. Thu Feb 11 2021 01:57 (Lefty) :: Crafting

All crafting resources will weigh the same now instead of some being light and some super heavy. It might not make as much sense for
roleplaying, but it should be more practical for game play purposes. Enjoy!

Warrior Updates!

289. Tue Feb 09 2021 07:30 (Lefty) :: Warrior Updates!

1) The reducts avoided by Armor Penetration now scale with elements to a maximum of 75% instead of being a straight 50%
2) Conditioning 1 and 2 are now pwater only, and have been buffed slightly
3) Instead of reflecting an attack, Riposte now grants extra APR to the warrior based on elements. This will provide
chances for things like weapon crackles and dragons breath to fire, and also combo with Armor Penetration to be
extra brutal!

Valentine's Day

288. Fri Feb 05 2021 04:01 (Teepee) :: Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I'm going to run a special event quest on Saturday
the 13th at 3:00 p.m. Central Time (21:00 UTC/MudTime). The quest will
have some decent rewards, and should be pretty fun. If you have any questions
feel free to reach out.


287. Tue Jan 26 2021 03:37 (Lefty) :: Fixes

1) Lulluby odds in PVP have been increased (though still lower than before the last change)
2) Max duration of still in PVP has been reduced to 5 ticks (PVE unchanged)